The mission of the Symphony Deb Program is to provide an environment for music appreciation, to recognize the value of volunteer service in promoting symphonic music, and to cultivate a generation of symphony patrons. 

Eligibility Requirements: A Deb shall be a student entering the tenth grade. Debs shall reside in the Lubbock County Area and be accessible to attend concerts and functions of the Deb program during the three year program. 

If your daughter is interested in the Deb program or you know of someone that might be interested, please fill out the information and send it to:

 Deb Chairman * PO Box 6505 * Lubbock,TX 79493 or click on "Contact US" and send an email with the following information. 

Symphony Deb Program 

My daughter__________________________________________________________________, 

Will be a _____sophomore, ___________junior, ______________senior, in the year ____________. 

I know of a young lady who will be a sophomore in the _______________school year, and would like her to receive information regarding the deb program.: 

 Name: _____________________________________________________

 Mom's Name:________________________________________________

Phone Number :cell ________________________home___________________


Contact email_____________________________________________________

Name: __________________________________________________

Mom's Name___________________________________________

Phone Number: cell _________________home__________________


Contact email______________________________________________